About Us


Property Mover is a locally-owned, Phoenix, AZ moving company. With highly-trained, professional movers based in the "Valley of Sunshine" Property Mover offers fast, courteous residential and commercial moving services of all sizes.

Let’s face it, moving around Phoenix can be miserable with oppressive heat and extreme weather that is too common in the greater Phoenix area. You can trust in us to be prepared for this and to plan ahead to make the move process as quick and painless as possible.

When hiring a mover, experience and care for your possessions is what counts. We make sure our managers and foremen are accountable and on the job with our guys. It is of their utmost interest that our team is on time and efficient while withholding our standards of superior customer service.


We accept cash, card, or bank. No checks, cashier checks, or cryptocurrency. 

The following items CANNOT be moved: Batteries, alkaline, lead-acid, household cleaning products, liquids, corrosive chemicals or poisons, lawn and garden chemicals, flammables, explosives, live animals or plants, gas and oil products, propane cylinders, illegal items, or any hazardous materials.

Time can be cut when all items have been packed, if packing is not required by movers. Make sure all walkways and porches are cleared away from any obstructive items. Remove any items on the floors that may cause movers to trip or slip. Put away any pets that may obstruct the movement of movers. 

Offering Gatorade, water or other drinks on hand to the crew is a kind gesture, although they are required to come prepared, the gesture is greatly appreciated. 

Yes, we do have a three hour minimum.

Moving into a new home is a major change. As movers, we enter your life for a moment and our job is to ease the confusion and stress of this transition. Sit back and enjoy yourself while we take care of the rest. We want you to view our team as more than movers, but an oasis during your next step.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. We dedicate ourselves to being the fastest, friendliest and most reliable moving company in the Southwest.