Frequently Asked Questions

The busy season for movers is towards the end of spring/beginning of summer. If you have to move during this time, book as far ahead as possible. Most families move during this time as their children are finishing the school year. To avoid high demanding seasons, it is best to move between mid-September through March. If you are trying to avoid the high demand and have more flexibility for move dates, it is recommended to wait for the slower seasons. 

If your schedule does not allow you to wait for the slower season, it is best to give us a heads-up as soon as possible. This allows us to fit you into the schedule and adjust accordingly. 

A relocation specialist will arrive for in-home estimates as requested. Our specialist will request a tour to see what furniture pieces are being moved, what is staying, advise you how to prepare for moving day, etc. They will also ask questions such as if packing is required, what furniture pieces require disassembly, etc. This will provide a flat rate quote along with helping us bring the proper equipment and material for your move day!

We accept cash, card, or bank. No checks, cashier checks, or cryptocurrency. 

Moving companies must acquire federal licensing to transport household goods. To make sure your moving company has the appropriate licensing, you can go to 

Yes, we have 2 active insurance policies and are State licensed as well as Federally Licensed, our DOT number is 3891273  and our MC number is 01430666

Loose items should be packed away to prevent loss or damage. No fragile items should be left in these pieces. 

Such items can be provided in shipment, although should be made aware to shipper. It is strongly recommended to carry irreplaceable and expensive articles with you. Otherwise, special arrangements can be made to transport these items.

Time can be cut when all items have been packed, if packing is not required by movers. Make sure all walkways and porches are cleared away from any obstructive items. Remove any items on the floors that may cause movers to trip or slip. Put away any pets that may obstruct the movement of movers. 

Offering Gatorade, water or other drinks on hand to the crew is a kind gesture, although they are required to come prepared, the gesture is greatly appreciated. 

Deposits are required to secure the booking to avoid last minute cancellations, and allow us to book our schedule efficiently. The rest of the payment is due upon delivery of the items. 

Let us know immediately to accommodate the change for you. Reach out to us by call, text or email.

The following items CANNOT be moved: Batteries, alkaline, lead-acid, household cleaning products, liquids, corrosive chemicals or poisons, lawn and garden chemicals, flammables, explosives, live animals or plants, gas and oil products, propane cylinders, illegal items, or any hazardous materials.

Yes, we do have a three hour minimum.

When comparing moving companies, it’s not an apples to apples comparison because moving isn’t an item, it’s a service. Our highly trained experts bring all the equipment and skills necessary to pack and transfer your goods so no damage occurs. In order for us to employ quality, seasoned experts, we have to pay them a bit more than the average moving company. Beware of scam movers who provide lowball quotes, they are often unlicensed and not insured, and will demand much more money than initially quoted before unloading. Just go to and search “Scam Moving Company”, unfortunately countless videos will pop up. Honest customers who wanted to save money end up getting their items lost, damaged, and/or stolen. The advantage to using us is we are licensed, insured, and a family owned team with an emphasis on quality control. Although the cost may be initially higher than some companies, you will get exactly what you paid for, top notch moving service. Don’t take a gamble with your move!

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